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My Books

Flourishing Faith

 A devotional series for women that’s not anything like your typical women’s devo! Incorporating variety, creativity, and a broad sampling of spiritual disciplines, the eight titles in this series will enrich your relationship with God. Discover more about the series here.

Faith-Filled Moments: Helping Kids See God in Everyday Life

This book is all about turning everyday experiences and fun activities (games, crafts, cooking, science experiments) into “God-moments” that will help your kids connect with God and grow to love him more. There are over 80 “moments” in the book; if you want a taste, you’ll find similar ideas in the Thriving Family section of my blog. (Buy a copy from Amazon here.)

The Busy Mom’s Guide to Spiritual Survival

For many moms of young kids, spiritual formation and cultivation of the interior life with God are a far-off dream—deeply desirable, yet utterly incompatible with the practical realities of daily life. The Busy Mom’s Guide to Spiritual Survival helps busy mothers implement mom-friendly spiritual disciplines into their real lives, enabling them to discover the one thing they most crave: deepened intimacy with their Savior. You can join me in discussion about spiritual formation in the Vibrant Faith section of my blog. (Buy a copy from Amazon here.)

Grand Days! I co-authored this fun, unique book with my good friend Joy-Elizabeth F. Lawrence. It’s a collection of great ideas for grandparents as they bond with their grandchildren. If you’ve got a grandparent in your life or if you want to help your parents better connect with your own kids, check out Grand Days! (Buy a copy from Amazon here.)

My Articles

Click on these links to read some of my published articles:

7 Non-Weird (and Non-Political) Ways to Care for Creation;  10 Non-Obnoxious Ways to Share Your Faith at Work;  The Adventure of AdventAm I My Brother’s Keeper?;  Are We Getting Worship Wrong?;  Avoiding the Cross;  Can Protestants and Catholics Find Truly Common Ground?;  Charlotte Bronte’s “Radical” Courage;  Chicken Nuggets and the Sabbath;  The Claim: Our Generation Can End Poverty;  Creation CareThe Date I’ll Never Forget;  The Dangerous Book for Women;  A Deeper Knowing;  The Devastating Power of a Church-Harpy;  A Devastatingly Common Heartbreak;  Disciple-Shaping Around the World;  Filming Hope;  Five (un)Real Role Models;  “Friending” Each Other . . . For Real;  Going Green (For the Right Reasons);  Good News . . . Bad News;  Jesus-Style Service;  Kicking Hospitality Out of the Kitchen;  The Kid Effect;  Kingdom Living From the Middle of Normal;  Learning from Ameenah;  Me . . . and Mother Teresa?;  More Dangerous Than Vampires;  My Night with Dennis Quaid;  The Neglected Spiritual Practice;  Next Door . . . Miles Away;  No Doubt?;  On the Lookout;  Orphan Initiative; Pint-sized Spirituality;  Praising Earth’s Maker;  Prophetic Politics;  Questioning Dinner;  Responding to the Trayvon Martin Tragedy;  Seeking God in the Wake of Divorce;  Singing of Mother Mary;  Solitude for the Busy Mom;  Spiraling Into Insecurity;  Spiritual Superhero or Stressed Out Serve-aholic?;  Spirituality at Starbucks;  Suffering 101;  The Surprising Delight of Confession;  Taking a Sharpie to Your List;  To Know and Be Known;  Top 10 Ways to Celebrate Earth Day;  Transforming Experiences;  True Hope;  The Ugly Truth About Marriage; Unexpected Influence;  We All Fall Down. Pursue It If You Want.;  What Does Justice Look Like?;  What Exactly Is Grace?;  What’s Going RightWhen a Loved One Leaves the Faith;  When It Counts;  Why Going Green is Good for the Soul;  Why Earth Care Matters to the Gospel;  Why I Let My Kids Cry It Out–A Response;  Why I Raise My Kids With God;  Why Writers Need to be Readers;  Women’s Ministry: Don’t Judge a Tea By Its Doily;  Working to Serve or Serving the Work?

Find a listing of my many contributions to Today’s Christian Woman here. I’m also the Bible study columnist for GROUP magazine, but you need to subscribe in order to read the studies. Sorry!


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