Kelli B. Trujillo writes to encourage Christian women in discovering the sacred opportunities hidden in the seemingly mundane aspects of their everyday lives. With a focus on spiritual formation, Kelli’s books lead women to encounter God in ways that fit the reality of their often busy lives—as wives, as mothers, as employees, as leaders, and more. Kelli’s works invite women to re-imagine what their relationship with God could be, emphasizing that faith isn’t about perfection, idealism, or fitting into some cookie-cutter version of what it is to be a Christian woman.

kelli outdoors edit 1A graduate of Valparaiso University with honors in both English Literature and Humanities, Kelli is the author of several books and has worked for a variety of Christian publishers as both a development editor and writer. In addition to her work on dozens of books, she is a columnist for Group magazine, a regular contributor to Today’s Christian Woman, and a member of the Redbud Writers Guild. Kelli is the mother of three young children and lives with her husband in Indianapolis.

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