Be just and merciful. Be inspired.

be inspiredAs part of our month-long be inspired series, here’s one more conversation from the archives with Erina Ludwig, a Londoner now living in Indianapolis. Erina is  half of the musical duo The Yellow Kites (with her husband Kendall) and is the author of Unnoticed Neighbors: A Pilgrimage into the Social Justice Story. 

• • • • • 

1. Why are you passionate about biblical justice?

When I hear the words biblical justice it conjures up images of divine wrath but also an unyielding desire to see every human being flourish.

I am in no way tied to rules for the sake of keeping up appearances. I don’t do things because they’re written down somewhere. I find compassion is written in my very core and I am moved to action because of it. I see us, human beings, as being capable of so much and yet bypassing it for other trinkets. And so biblical justice is remembering we’re all walking this earth together, to remember each other, to be kind, to feel anger but let it go and for the love of all that makes us human, to treat others with respect and dignity regardless of how different they are.

The few stories we have of Jesus’ dealings with people in the Bible best capture that desire. The woman caught in adultery and dragged to Jesus’s feet and his delicate but divisive response makes me cheer. He knew how to love others and what right to be done to them.

unnoticedneighbors2. Injustice in our world can seem so overwhelming and discouraging. Ever felt that way? And how can we overcome discouragement & inertia and move forward into hopeful action?

I have a quarterly crisis throughout the year as I try and work out how we get out of the mess we’ve made for ourselves here in life. I feel overwhelmed and simply weep. I used to think that was a pointless response, but I have since learned it means my heart is still soft and still feels — which is legions better than a calloused old beater! I think it’s best to pick one thing that hits you in the guts and makes you want to vomit. Grab a hold of that injustice and start working towards chipping away at it. Remember what we do won’t always be explosions in the sky, but every act of kindness counts and changes this world we live in. (Whether it wants to be changed or not.)

3. What are 3 meaningful things a person could do to take up the cause of biblical justice in their everyday life?

Maybe one of the best ways to meaningfully add biblical justice in our lives is to open our eyes wide and see the very ones we usually look past.

a) Find ways you can match your skill set to those around you who need help. Contact your local Catholic Charity, or the like, to see where you can be plugged in.

b) Be closer to those who need your closeness. This doesn’t mean driving into unfamiliar neighborhoods and handing out sweet treats. I have taken to shopping in our local Value world and I get to meet a large section of Indianapolis’ population who are below the poverty line. I see them, I’ll smile, we’ll make small chat and in that little exchange I work to build the beginnings of a relationship.

c) Read up on the field you’re interested or curious in finding out some more information. Try to read books that offer application ideas so that all the heavily and loaded information doesn’t weigh on you.

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www.bohemianredimages.comThank you so much, Erina. Friends, be sure to check out Erina’s books and take a listen to the great folksy sound of The Yellow Kites. Learn more about Erina at

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