Ever Present

As we explore what it can look like for each of us to be present rather than just exist, I want to share a dream I have. It’s a dream I wrote about for my friend Holley Gerth‘s blog as part of her “God-Sized Dream” series. And without further ado . . . 


At first-blush, the phrase “God-sized” makes me think big. Really big. Ginormous. I go straight to the idea of God’s grandness.

So does this mean my dreams must be enormous?

To be honest, they’re not huge dreams, really. See, lately I’ve been viewing my dreams—all of my life—through a different angle.

God’s size? God is omnipresent—every place in the universe, and also present in every single moment. God’s presence defies size, defies time, defies our finite limits. God’s size isn’t just bigger than the gigantic scope of the universe; God is also present in the beauty of the tiniest crocus bloom and, zoom even smaller, in the miracle of the tiniest buzzing electron.

And God’s presence? God’s there in those awe-inspiring beautiful, truly amazing moments of our lives . . . but God’s also faithfully right there in the “small,” hum-drum, normal ones. And this is where my dreaming lives.

So, for me, a God-sized dream is a dream not boxed in by time. A dream not labeled with a specific achievement or a fantastic accomplishment. A dream that isn’t impressive or tear-jerking. Instead, it’s the daily dream of seeing and delighting in the sacredness God offers as God meets me in the average, seemingly forgettable moments in my life.

My dream is to live rich moments rather than have life scamper by. My dream is to live prayer rather than reserve it for specific times. My dream is to be energized by an enduring joy that’s not deterred by pain or frustration. My dream is to commune with God during my real-life.

See, my life is pretty normal, a mash-up of beauty and mess, and that’s OK with me. I don’t aspire to be a paragon of perfect motherhood or ideal Christian womanhood or anything else. I simply want to be a pilgrim. A fellow journeyman on the road, walking not just following Christ but also with Christ.

As a pilgrim in God’s presence, my normal life becomes sacred: washing dishes, paying bills, walking outdoors, disciplining children, reading a good book, cooking dinner, typing away at the computer. In all of these moments, our ever-present God is there! I’m aiming to foster a greater awareness of this truth and a more faithful communion with God in my heart throughout all of life.

dream seedsThat’s my dream: normal life lived fully, enriched with beauty and meaning, because the God who’s bigger than the universe? He’s in those tiny moments too.










2 responses to “Ever Present

  1. so how do you do that, live each moment with God there?

    • Great question, Renee! It’s one we’ll explore over this month and I’ll provide several ideas. But let me say that I certainly am not able to live every single moment fully aware of God’s presence! However, I am aiming to live MORE moments MORE aware. Does that make sense? I think there is a comfort in more fully embracing the reality that God is always with us, always present (even when we cannot sense or feel God’s nearness). And I’ve found that focusing on this idea has helped me to grow spiritually over the past few years, perhaps more than any other discipline. The main little book that has been really helpful to me in this is called The Practice of the Presence of God. Stay tuned for more on that book AND for some more practical ideas that help me put handles on this idea.

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