10 Little Ways to Wake Up

Pray more. Worship more. Read Scripture more. Yeah . . . you got those. These are often the spiritual “prescription” we receive when we know our spirit needs a boost. And these are right on. These are essential vitamins we need for our souls’  well-being! But in addition to these basics, God invites us into something other than just “do more” . . . than just a to-do list that always says you aren’t doing enough. Here are 10 little ways you can wake up your soul . . . peruse, pick 1 or 2, let your mind wander to pick your own.R U Awake

* * * * *

1. Take 5 minutes to list (or speak aloud) things you’re grateful for. Praise God for them all!

2. Hug or kiss someone you really love. Consider how this human relationship provides a glimpse into intimacy with God.

 3. Hunt for nature’s beauties. God is the very essence of beauty! (Too cold outside? Look out your window with a mission to notice beauties you often over look. Or peruse online nature images instead.)

 4. Laugh out loud. Dwell in some delightful or silly memories or watch a funny movie. God is the ultimate source of joy . . . our own chuckles remind us of a deeper joy we experience in God.

 5. Create something lovely . . . and have fun doing it. God is the creator of all things lovely . . . when you join in your own little bit of creativity, you draw closer to a key aspect of who God is.

 6. Be still, breathe deep, and find a peace that comes from knowing God is God. (Even a fleeting moment of stillness can center your soul in the right posture for a long stretch of time!)

 7. Exercise . . . walk, stretch, sweat. You aren’t just a spiritual being — you’re a physical one too. Your body is God’s gift to you and often (though not always) your physical energy will correlate with your spiritual energy. If you aren’t taking care of your physical body, you may be reaping spiritual (emotional, mood, etc.) consequences you aren’t aware of.

8. Related to #7 above — Awaken your soul by getting some sleep. Power nap or go to bed an hour early. Sounds paradoxical, I know . . . but getting the rest you need will help you approach God (and others) with a healthy perspective rather than being dragged down by crabbiness, discouragement, lack of self-control, woe-is-me-ness or other forms of moodiness that can accompany sleep deprivation. Yes, I speak from experience!

 9. Eat something yummy — a bite of deliciousness. Savor it. Let it melt in your mouth. Notice the flavors. Your senses and their pleasures are good gifts to you from God. And this savoring? This enjoying and delighting? It’s a taste of how you can live all of life, receiving the blessings packed in each day as gifts from your loving Lord.

10. Awaken the dawn! How? Sing out a favorite worship song or hymn. . .  at the top of your lungs. (See Psalm 57:7-11.)











One response to “10 Little Ways to Wake Up

  1. Hello Kelli. I love your list. I almost want to print it and do one each day for a spiritual wake-up week. Number 5 if something that is so life-giving for me, but I rarely make time for it. Getting extra sleep would be a wake-up I need every day for sure. Thank you.

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