Awaken Your Soul

Faith is more than mental assent to a set of beliefs—it’s a relationship.

OK . . . you know this lingo, right? But here’s my question—to you and to me—do we truly experience it?

dandelionGod uniquely crafted us to long for intimacy with others; so what can that intimacy look like with the Creator himself?

How can it be deeper, more connected, more real? Rather than words or a set of beliefs and ideas or lingo we banter about with other Christians . . . how can this be something we each profoundly experience? Experience more . . . deeper . . .  personally . . .

How will 2014 be a year for me and for you in which we experience God in new ways? In which faith deepens and grows? In which—like a human friendship—we get to know God better, share new experiences with God, and love God more and more and more? What can greater intimacy look like for each of us?

Sometimes this relationship looks awesome. Amazing. Full of delight and joy.

But sometimes it looks—let’s be honest—just . . . normal.

And sometimes—get ready—it looks hard, difficult. Sometimes (again, like human relationships), this intimacy of faith is a desperate—even ugly—struggle.

But ya know what? None of this happens on autopilot. Faith isn’t something we just sleep through. A relationship won’t thrive when we take it for granted.

In Becoming a Woman of Prayer, Bible study author Cynthia Heald writes, “This is true intimacy: being confident that what we reveal about ourselves will be understood and that the person with whom we disclose ourselves will accept us, seek our good, and communicate support and love.”

dream seedsWhat a beautiful picture. Not necessarily something amazing or other-wordly or dramatic. Not an emotional high or a mountain-top experience or something dazzling (and often out of reach).

This is a deep, constant, everyday love. The love of the real, raw you and the awesome God.

This month we’ll begin 2014 with the theme awaken your soul. Will you join me this January as we look into how we can deepen connection and intimacy with God through a focus on prayer and worship?












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