Loaded with Love

What a fabulous weekend I had serving as the speaker at Faith Church‘s women’s retreat this weekend!

This month, November, we’re diving into the idea of “doing” after a month-long reflection in October on “being.” However, since I’ve been away over the weekend (and, prior to that, was busy preparing for the retreat), we’ll start our discussion of doing with revisiting a blog post I wrote a few years ago: a short & sweet reflection on the wisdom Mother Teresa can bring to our “doing.”

• • • • •

I deeply admire Mother Teresa.  I have a book that compiles many of her powerful, written words (called A Simple Path) and in getting to know her through these words, I cannot help but be convicted and inspired by her devoted obedience to Christ — whom she deeply loved and proclaimed to be Lord (Romans 10:9) — and by her compelling life of service to the poor, sick, and lowly.

blog.love heartIn  A Simple Path, Mother Teresa’s words speak this truth into my life: “[T]his is God’s wish for us — to serve through love in action, and to be inspired by the Holy Spirit to act when called.”

The second part of this statement is so crucial. It is easy to feel overwhelmed by the needs of the world. What issues can we address? Who can we serve and how, when so many need so much? But the Holy Spirit will guide us. If we are attentive to the Spirit, our task is to obey when he leads us. We are called to no more than that . . . and certainly to no less.

I also find inspiration in the words that the Missionaries of Charity have on a poster in the headquarters: “It is not how much we do, but how much love we put into the doing.”

Teach us to load our service with love, Lord. To put deep, overflowing love into the task of service your Spirit has before us — whatever it may be.


3 responses to “Loaded with Love

  1. Interesting blog this morning Kelli. This is the very thing I have been convicted of recently so this weekend I acted on it. I’m so glad I did. We cannot just sit in our chairs and claim to “be” a Christian but must put some hands and feet to it doing it out of love. Thank you for confirming what the Holy Spirit was already convicting me of.

  2. This post is timely for me as I am starting my Monday tired out by a Sunday of “doing!” We hosted our house church in our home yesterday. I cooked, cleaned and prepared worship, washed dishes, etc. It took my whole day, but I thought, “I want to do it for you, Lord.”

    It’s good to be reminded that even if I’m tired today, it’s obedience filled with love that counts! (And God gives me other times to rest.)

  3. When we enter into abiding (John 15) it will be doing through “being” in him.

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