Cease . . . Embrace

2 long days in the car with 2 adults and 3 kids. A few traffic jams. 78 Waffle House restaurants passed. And then we arrived here. P1040015

And it was all worth it.

A much (much, much, much, much) needed break. Family time. Laughter. Adventures. Discoveries. And, aaaaaaaaaah!, basking in tremendous beauties  — both big and soaring and those hidden, miniscule, beneath my feet. The beauties of breeze and bird and sea and sky. (Oh, and alligators, too. And did I mention manatees?)

It was a Sabbath of Sabbaths for me. No, not a Sunday nor a day of rule-keeping. But a family vacation. As the Brits call it, a holiday.

These were, indeed, holy-days for us. Days of rest, of play, and of being. And they remind me anew of the Sabbath-moments we all need, outside of scheduled retreats from reality and woven within the sometimes frayed fabric of everyday normality.

In The Rest of God, Mark Buchanan urges us to live within a Sabbath-attitude: “[D]o you play enough?” he asks. “Do you risk enough or bask in God’s creation enough or do some things for no reason other than that you’ll be dead soon enough anyhow, so why not live a little now?” (138).

Sabbath (both the day and the attitude, Buchanan reminds us) helps us in our be-ing by restoring us through rest and through play. It’s a time when we do what we deep-down desire: “Cease from what is necessary. Embrace that which gives life” (129).

It will be another long stretch before another family vacation for us, but I don’t have to wait months or years to breathe deep, to look in wonder at the bountiful beauties of nature, to laugh hard, to create, to ponder, to meander. Sometimes these moments come to us as unexpected gifts. Often though, at least in my reality as a working mom of 3, they’re moments I need to choose. To harrow out or hide away. Moments, just seconds even, in which you or I can choose to notice. To live.

Moments to embrace.








One response to “Cease . . . Embrace

  1. I’m hearing the call as I read your post to get outside and enjoy a walk in the park on this beautiful fall day. I love the idea of bringing a bit of Sabbath and play into daily life. 🙂

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