Practice: Nature

One of the best ways we can practice the presence of God is intentionally choosing to spend time in nature. A three-hour hike can be an AMAZING way to gain soul perspective . . . God is with me.

woman walking aloneBut ya know what? Taking 30-seconds to look up at the clouds (or the stars) can ALSO make a big difference in our perspective. In our awareness: God is with me.

Pausing to smell the roses. To look at the bugs. To take a deep breath of fresh air and exhale a prayer of thanks. Choosing time in nature, from camping to walking to gardening to a brief pause outdoors, is a powerful way to practice the presence of God.

 Click here to explore more about how you can experience God through his created world.


2 responses to “Practice: Nature

  1. I minister at a Christian university in Missouri. Are you interested in speaking to our students about faith and justice. I saw the Relevant article and was moved by your article. Respond to continue the conversation.

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