In the Present

sketch woman alone“Mindfulness” is a trendy word right now. Linked to the popularity of yoga and  Buddhism, many are drawn to this principle of living more aware, more mindful of each moment.

But this is not purely a Buddhist idea. In fact, I think living mindfully — living with a more full and intentional awareness — is also a distinctly Christian idea. It’s about living — thinking, feeling, being — as we are meant to. Living to the full, in light of God’s Truth, aligned with the Spirit.  And this is particularly true when it comes to experiencing God’s presence in our lives.

God is active, powerful, faithful, and present with us . . . in each and every moment! Are we mindful of this truth? Are we aware that God is with us?

Sometimes we can’t help but be wowed by God’s presence — by a spectacular experience that draws our attention directly to him.

But what about the rest of life? Normal days? Hum-drum moments? Days when we’re totally exhausted (like I am today!)? Or even days of sadness, pain, or conflict? What about moments that feel dark or empty? What about in grief, or doubt, or discouragement? Is God there too?

This month on my blog we’ll explore what it means to practice the presence of God. It IS a practice–it’s an intentional choice, a discipline, to tune our awareness to God’s presence. We’ll explore together how we can grow in our awareness of God’s faithful presence in our lives. And we’ll see how this more “mindful” (or maybe “soul-full” is a more fitting term) awareness changes us — and changes all of life!


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