Summer Reading

Friends, I was so excited when I clicked open this article from Today’s Christian Woman and saw Embrace Your Worth — my new devotional book about identity, self-image, self-worth, confidence, and calling — recommended. What an honor! I thought I’d share this list with you because it has lots of great recommendations.

Also, next week one of the authors from the TCW list — and a good friend of mine — will be stopping by this blog for an interview. Amy Simpson (my former boss and an all around awesome person!) will be here to talk about her new book Troubled Minds and the difficult but important topic of mental illness. One in four adults suffer from mental illness — so chances are that you or someone you love are either dealing with a mental illness or navigating a relationship with someone who is suffering in this way. How can we approach this difficult issue? How does it relate to our spiritual wholeness — our faith, identity, and the grace of God? Be sure to swing by on Monday to read our conversation!


One response to “Summer Reading

  1. Congrats! That’s wonderful! I’ll have to pick up a copy for myself. Enjoy your summer!

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