Extras! Creation Care Week 4

So how can we live in gratitude to God for his amazing creation? How can we discover more about God through his world? How can we embrace Scripture’s call to stewardship? How can we care for people through our creation care efforts?

Check out these 10 organizations, resources, and links to find out more:

A Rocha — A global, Christ-centered conservation organization. Find out about hands-on opportunities to get involved! (Click here to read my interview with A Rocha USA’s Tom Rowley over at Relevant.)

Blessed Earth — Great biblical resources for how the church can mobilize to care for the environment. (This upcoming Monday Blessed Earth’s Nancy Sleeth will be here on my blog for some Q & A. Stay tuned! You can also read a TCW article I wrote with insights from Nancy by clicking here.)

charity: water — Works to save lives and prevent disease by engineering clean water wells and sanitation.

Earth-Wise — My favorite Bible study resource on creation care. I highly recommend this study guide by Calvin B. DeWitt!

Evangelical Environmental Network — This organization inspires and equips evangelical Christians to care for creation. You’ll find podcasts, Creation Care magazine, and more.

John Ray Initiative — This British web site provides TONS of resources exploring the science behind critical environmental stewardship issues, all from a faith-based perspective. (P.S. If you’re skeptical about climate change, this is a great place to get more info you can consider.)

Local Harvest — Interested in finding farmer’s markets or CSAs to “green” your eating a bit? This web site will point you toward sustainable family farms in your community.

National Wildlife Federation — Support conservation efforts by getting NWF’s fantastic kids’ magazines like Ranger Rick and Your Big Backyard.

Plant With Purpose — Help the poor through reversing deforestation! Plant With Purpose addresses poverty in the name of Christ by planting trees and other environmental efforts.

World Vision — World Vision addresses many environmental issues in their work among the poor, including engineering clean water and advancing sustainable farming techniques.


One response to “Extras! Creation Care Week 4

  1. Great resources. I’ve worked for a A Rocha in Brazil, my homecountry, it is a great organization. Also, a good initiative is start a community garden at local churches. My church started one 2 years ago and it’s been a great experience linking creation care, food production, and helping the poor. All the produce is given away. Blessings, Paulo

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