Extra! Creation Care Week 3

I’m really, super duper, majorly excited to share this extra with you this week!!! Can you sense my enthusiasm? This is really a fantastic resource!

Check out this video called “Our Father’s World” — it’s a brand new, short, 27-minute documentary all about environmental stewardship. It features some really important evangelical Christian leaders today, including Bill Hybels of Willow Creek and others.

This is worth your time, friends. It really is. And once you watch it, share it with others . . . and pop back in to let me know what you think!


2 responses to “Extra! Creation Care Week 3

  1. Hello Kelli, I just ran across one of your articles for TCW on going green. I am really excited to see you taking on Creation Care topics in your blog and for the magazine. I work for an organization called WIlderness International. Just last week we held our 2nd annual “Creation Care Summit” with the goal of bringing together Christians to discuss Creation Care topics and encourage everyone to experience, care for, and enjoy God’s creation. We love finding others who share our passions and are spreading the word. Keep it up!

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