Meditate and Act: Creation Care Week 2

As we focus on experiencing God through his creation, consider this Scripture to guide a time of meditation and pick an action step to try.

Meditate: Psalm 19:1

The heavens declare the glory of God; 

the skies proclaim the work of his hands.

Respond with Action:

• Stargaze one evening or get up early to watch a sunrise. Focus your heart on how God is demonstrating his existence and his wonder through what you see.

• Pray, praise, sing, worship! Thank God that he speaks and affirms biblical truth to you through his “second book.”

• Pause to see God in nature by viewing the stunning images captured by my friend Dorothy Greco, a writer and photographer. Where do you see God in these snapshots? What is revealed about God’s character? (And if you feel inspired, grab your camera and shoot some of your own snapshots. Nature provides an abundance of divine beauties to ponder!)


One response to “Meditate and Act: Creation Care Week 2

  1. Philip Johnston

    Greetings Kelli, I look forward to reading your posts and have particularly enjoyed your recent focus on God as revealed in His creation!  If I haven’t already shared this with you, there’s a wonderful song (not really “new”, but “newly discovered” to me) that echos the glory of God’s creation.  There are many YouTube versions of it, but this is one that’s well sung (in English rather than the original Swedish).  They only sing two of the three verses, but you can follow the text below. I’m hoping to get an ensemble together to sing it in worship in the next few months… Phil J.   The earth adorned in verdant robe sends praises upward surging, while soft winds breathe on fragrant flowers from winter now emerging. The sunshine bright gives warmth and light to budding blossoms tender, proclaiming summer splendor.       From out the wood, the birds now sing     and each its song now raises,     to join with all the universe     in voicing thankful praises.     With hope and joy their songs employ     a rapturous exultation     in praise of God’s creation.

    O God, amid these joys of life, creation’s glory beaming, grant us the grace to keep your word and live in love redeeming. All flesh is grass, the flowers fade, and time is fleeting ever; God’s word remains forever.

    Waldeman Ahlen (trans. Carolyn and Kenneth Jennings) (c) 1934/1974 Walton Music Corporation



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