A Unique Path

bridge.path.shadowsThe path God calls each of us to is distinct. We each go through unique seasons, particular experiences. And in our own life journey, God leads us, guides us, and shapes us in different ways. God reveals himself to us through his Word, through blessings, through tough circumstances. 

How has God been uniquely speaking to you lately? Convicting you? Shaping your heart? Inviting you to action or to contemplation? What has God been revealing to you about himself or about the Christian life?

These questions and realities are all part of our calling–for as we engage with God, we discover his unique interaction with each of us in our lives.

Over the past several years I’ve had the privilege of inviting others to this space to share some of their own reflections on how God is shaping them, leading them, challenging them, or centering them in him. Just look at this list below! It’s just a small sampling of the myriad of ways God is at work in different lives.

Peruse this list, click on the underlined links to read more, and reflect on how YOUR story of your journey with God is unique — How God is at work  teaching, shaping, and calling YOU.

Consider how God is at work uniquely in each of these stories . . . 

• Authors Adam and Christine Jeske on living in gratitude and wonder.
• Author Amy Julia Becker on trusting God while parenting a child with Down Syndrome.
• Justice-advocate Amanda Siebold on simplicity, stewardship, and mercy.
• Artist Amie  Hollmann on how creativity can enrich Scripture engagement.
• Author Caryn Rivadeneira on discovering her real identity behind the Mom-label and on growing closer to God through prayers of lament.
• Team-builder and retreat leader Christin Nevins on the intersection between community and solitude.
• Illustrator Christina Schofield on seeking God’s presence after heart-breaking tragedy.
• Hip-Hop dance instructor Connie Jakab on living with vision and rebelling against contemporary culture.
• Missionary Emily Cetola on the core motivations behind evangelism and compassion.
• Homeschooling mom Helen Lee on living with a sense of mission and embodying hospitality.
• Blogger Holley Gerth on the joys of celebration and the grief of loss.
• Musician Hope Dunbar on the spiritual power of creative expression and serving God with one’s talents.
• Author Jennifer Grant on parenthood and grace.
• Editor JoHannah Reardon on studying Scripture and growing in virtue.
• Food writer and home cook Joy-Elizabeth Lawrence on how cooking can connect with prayer, meditation, and our care of the created world.
• Author Keri Wyatt Kent on Sabbath-simplicity and dwelling in God’s love.
• Blogger Lori Lowe on cultivating intimacy in marriage.
• Author Margot Starbuck on the God-driven adventure of service.
• Blogger Marlena Graves on key practices for spiritual formation.
• Ministry leader Nicole Unice on busyness, fasting, and God dealing with our “issues.”
• Professor Patty Kirk on celebrating Christmas.
• Pastor Tracey Bianchi on making God-honoring choices and the importance of environmental stewardship.
What’s YOUR story? How is God uniquely leading and shaping YOU?

3 responses to “A Unique Path

  1. I couldn’t help but linger on your last question. What is your story? I actually have a website- Life Journeys “Everyone has a story what’s yours?” Throughout life I have learned that each of our stories are unique. There is power and healing in listening to others stories. We all have a different unique path to walk, one we always don’t understand. This would be the my case. God has allowed me to journey through many paths of pain. Each one was different, unique, and some painful. As I look back I often wonder why God allows some to go through the storms more than others. That is not my call. At 56 years old the question is not why but how will I travel the paths he has called me to? Despite the painful situations I have been through I realized i have a choice. The choice becomes what will I do with the pain and the residue it leaves? It will leave residue and it will be painful. I cannot escape that part of life. I have learned I have two choices, I can either be angry and bitter and believe, God isn’t fair and doesn’t care. The other choice i have is a harder choice to make but one that I think is essential to growth and maturity. The choice to embrace the pain. Embrace is an intimate word, it means: to clasp to take or receive gladly, accept willingly… Not a word usually associated with painful circumstances. I have learned the latter choice of embracing pain is harder but reaps growth, it allows you to begin to work through the journey. If I refuse to work through the painful circumstances God allows in my life the result isn’t very pretty. Bitterness, anger, revenge, wrath, blaming other, and the list could go on. At times we feel like we deserve to feel this way and maybe we do. There have been things that have occurred in my life that I had no control of, I was the victim of someone else’s sin. What would I do? EMBRACE, it hasn’t been an easy journey but the benefits have been worth the trip. The hope and healing bring me comfort and makes sense as I can minister to others who have traveled the same road.
    God has healed those cracks in my heart, He has a purpose for me. The purpose is to share the hope of Christ with others along with the healing brought only from Him. At some level pain is pain. We cannot go through life without experiencing pain. WE all will. IT is part of life. The question becomes what will we do with the pain? Think about who do you want to become in your life? Think about each decision you make and how it will determine who you will become now and later on. If you look at older people many times you can tell from their faces the kind of decisions they have made throughout their lives. Take the challenge, next time you are somewhere you can watch people notice the older ones, look at their faces. Do you see someone who is unhappy, maybe bitter or do you see someone filled with joy. My grandmother had the greatest impact in my life. Her story is a story of unbelievable pain and unfairness. YET, she always had a smile on her face, always loved God and never harbored any resentment for the experiences she had to endure growing up and into her adult life. If I could only use one phrase to describe her it would be : she was a woman with an eighth grade education who had nothing but gave everything, willingly. She always said, “Anything of value will cost you something.” The older i have become to more I realize how very true this statement is. It costs to forgive, it costs to embrace the pain, but the result is worth the cost. The result is being able to come alongside others who have or are walking paths you have walked. You can share the hope and healing you found through Jesus Christ. I am reminded of my life verse: Gen 50:19-20, “…what man meant for evil, God meant for good….” To walk on this earth we must expect the fires, the storms, because they will come. The question becomes what will we do with the storm, the fire and the residue that is left once the storm has passed?

  2. Great stories of the great work God does–often in and through circumstances we’d never choose for ourselves. Thanks for the encouragement, Kelli!

  3. What an encouraging and uplifting post and list you have here. Thank you for sharing!

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