What do you want your relationship with God to be like?

[Wrong answer:] I want it to be a facade; a guilt-ladden bustle of busyness; a bunch of checked-off spiritual to-do list boxes; a set of facts I affirm; a lonely emptiness; a worn-out, passionless routine;  a low and neglected priority; a long-lost, now-distant friendship; a stuck-in-a-rut sameness; a label I wear.

flyNone of us would say this, of course! But sometimes, if we have the courage to stop and really look at our lives; we realize that our faith has become one of these. Somehow, without intentionally steering this way, we find ourselves at a spiritual place we don’t like. And we realize: This is not where I want to stay.

So spread out your wings . . . and take flight. Invite God to give you a fresh vision for what your relationship with God can become! Embrace a new spiritual practice that might help you encounter God in a new way. [Click on a practice/discipline in the category cloud at right to find lots of ideas!] Set a fresh goal. Invite a friend to soar with you; encourage each other in your vision for a closer, grittier, and more vibrant relationship with God.

Beyond merely feeling inspired by my words here, pause to listen to the Word who is Christ in you. Stop now, just for a moment, to ask: God, how are you drawing me closer to you? What old dust do I need to shake off and stretch out of? How do you want me to experience your love in fresh ways? How are you challenging me to grow and change?

Listen to him — not just in this isolated moment but in the hours and days to come. How is God inviting you to soar with him?

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One response to “Soar!

  1. I love the freedom and energy when praying with the word soar. Thanks for giving me a great word to ponder.

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