Re-Envision Faith

When, recently, have you felt most alive in your relationship with God?

In Sunday morning worship? In an insightful moment during personal Bible study? During a quiet moment star-gazing on a frosty night?

There are a myriad of ways we can connect with God; the traditional spiritual disciplines, drawn from Scripture and church history, provide a great framework to help us look at some of these practices. But this is not a one-way relationship — we must always remember that God is about the business of connecting with us. As we put our souls in the proper posture to hear, to see, and to notice, we’re divinely surprised again and again. There God is! There God is in my life! In those perfectly timed Scripture verses. In those moments, those memories, those challenges, and even in that pain.

The main spiritual practice I’ve been focusing on lately is practicing God’s presence — which is a fancy way of saying making myself more aware of God’s faithful presence in my life. The discipline of noticing and of asking, over and over, Where is God in this? What might the Holy Spirit be showing me about myself or about God or about my calling or about this world?

How are you growing? Where is faith most vibrant for you? If you feel you are in a rut, you can feel the freedom to try out a different spiritual practice which may help you engage better with God. Prayer, Bible study, and worship are critical parts of spiritual growth — but they are not the only spiritual “muscles” God invites us to exercise. Maybe God is calling you to something different such as fasting or silence and solitude. Or perhaps to prayer-journalling or environmental stewardship or sacrificial simplicity. Or maybe it’s more overt evangelism or more generous hospitality.

Experience the fresh breath of God’s loving Spirit in your life as you seek to encounter his love and his presence in new ways. View your life and your faith anew through the lens of God’s presence — leading, guiding, nudging you toward deeper intimacy with him.


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