Re-Envision Identity

Afraid. Average. Beautiful. Cog. Creative. Cutie. Daughter. Determined. Directionless. Employee. Empty. Energetic. Enough. Enthusiastic. Exhausted. Extrovert. Failure. Fat. Fearful. Flailing. Follower. Friendly. Gifted. Hot. Incompetent. Introvert. Leader. Mother. Old. Plain. Quiet. Servant. Sexy. Short. Shy. Sister. Skinny. Small. Special. Successful. Talented. Tall. Tired. Ugly. Unimportant. Unique. Unnoticed. Valuable. Victim. Wallflower. Weak. Wife. Worker. Worn-out. Worthy. Wounded.  YOU.

From the moment of your first breath, people have spoken words into your life—words that have shaped your identity, your sense of who you are, your sense of what you’re worth.

For some, they are words spoken with profound love.

For some, they are words spoken from profound brokenness.

For some, they are words echoing in silence and absence.

And then there are the words we speak to ourselves—what we sense when we look at ourselves, when we choose how to spend our time, and even what echoes in our mind when we’re alone with God.

Sometimes these words are TRUTH, but other times they’re black-hole words, lies that suck us into darkness.

Re-envision who you can be. Peel off false labels and shrug off the heavy burdens of others’ judgments and misperceptions. Let it all fall away.

You don’t have to live up to others’ expectations, fake your way into others’ good graces, or cram yourself into others’ cookie-cutter versions of beauty or womanhood or faith.

Stand fresh and new, before God who made you and is present with you.

Listen in your soul (receive, accept, hold tight) to the light-giving words of truth:

You are fearfully and wonderfully made (Psalm 139:14).

You are precious in God’s sight (Isaiah 43:4).

You are inexpressibly, overwhelmingly, absolutely-eternally forgiven (Ephesians 1:7-8).

You are God’s workmanship (his masterpiece, his poema) created for God’s divine purposes and to work God’s goodness in the world (Ephesians 2:10).

God loves you with an everlasting love (Jeremiah 31:3).

Step back and discover anew the core of who you are. The real you that you’ll find only in the warmth of God’s grace. The you made for light and for truth.


5 responses to “Re-Envision Identity

  1. Thank you so much for your devotionals. I needed this this a.m. i have been so overwhelmed with the needs of my family. I stay home with my 3 yr old, 2 yr old, and 9 week old. My dear hubby’s 2 jobs keep him gone often and I am also struggling with whether to return to grad/seminary school when i have no time. I’m afraid of failing. I feel like aside from mommy, I’ve forgotten who i am. I’m praying hard right now and trying to discern the father’s voice. Thank you for your reminder this a.m. that we are who we choose to be in accordance with our Creator’s will for us.

    • Brandi — I will pray for you today. I have had times like that too. Though my kids are not as close together in age, I’ve definitely had times when I feel like my identity (and all my energy) is swallowed up in motherhood. In a sense, it IS an act of Christ-like sacrifice — just as Jesus gave his all, there are times when moms have to give up a lot. And it can be so hard. But I will pray that even during this hard season, you’ll kindle a vision for who YOU are and who God is continually creating you to be. This season with 3 kids so young WILL “pass” in the sense that as they get a bit older you’ll be able to breathe a bit easier — breathe spiritually, emotionally, time-wise, etc. Blessings to you on this journey from another pilgrim on this road — Kelli

  2. Kelli –
    Thank you so much for this powerful reminder of the influence of words in our lives and the importance of listening to the words God speaks to us.

  3. Reblogged this on Denim Devotion and commented:
    This spoke life into my soul today!

  4. Thanks Kelli. That’s a lot of words, just like I have a “lot of words” and I do always have to fight to listen to the right ones. Appreciate the scriptures you provided to fight with.

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