Flourishing Faith Sneak Peak

Have you heard about my new series? Curious about what these non-traditional devos are like? You can check out a short, free excerpt of the first 2 books in the Flourishing Faith Series here (Cultivate Your Character) and here (Enrich Your Marriage). You can also discover more about the series at www.flourishing-faith.com.

Stay tuned: Starting Monday we’ll dive into the theme “Re-envision” for October as we explore what it can mean to join God in taking a fresh look through his lens at our life, our identity, and our calling.


2 responses to “Flourishing Faith Sneak Peak

  1. I’d love to order these books to maybe do at a Wednesday Morning study or otherwise. What’s the best way to order them? Thx!! 🙂

    Sincerely, Debi Alexander 317.946.3288 Jdalexander@comcast.net Sent from my iPhone

    • Debi — You can buy copies directly from me (I have a bunch) or they are available on amazon and through my publisher, Wesleyan Publishing. Thanks for your interest! I’d be happy to bring copies to you at church or whatever 🙂

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