Flourishing Faith!

I’m so excited to announce the official launch of my new book series, Flourishing Faith! Designed for women of all ages, the books in this series will equip you to engage with God and nourish your faith. Unlike most “typical” women’s devotionals, these books are full of flexibility and variety, incorporating a wide variety of spiritual disciplines and experiences with God. Find out more by visiting the new Flourishing Faith web site (www.flourishing-faith.com). The books have just released — I’m waiting for the mail carrier to show up with mine! But you can now get a copy of the first two books in the series on Amazon, at CBD, or from me. Thank you, friends and readers, for your support and encouragement on this writing journey!


One response to “Flourishing Faith!

  1. I just bought the one on marriage for myself, my newly-married daughter, and my daughter-in-law and the one on character development for my good friend who is going through big changes in her life with quitting a full-time job to care for her aging father.

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