Family Fun!

OK, I’m taking a short break from the spiritual formation topics we’re covering in 2012. It’s summer time. School’s out. The sun is shining. The world is a-blooming! And so for July we’ll focus on the topic of FAMILY.

This is a great season for moms of young kids — but family is also an important topic for women of all ages and all situations. For singles, for empty-nesters, for moms of young kids, for grandmothers, for parents of teenagers — we all value and are profoundly shaped by family! So I hope, readers, that no matter what stage of life you’re in, you’ll enjoy the discussion this month. There is a soul-shaping power in time spent with family, so along with some posts reflecting on “deeper issues,” I’ll also be sharing ideas for family FUN.

So let’s start things off with 2 fun ideas for those of you with kids at home this summer.

Here’s a great activity for outdoors: a prayer-focused bike ride.

And here’s a fun one for inside days: a simple card game that reveals a critical spiritual truth.


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