Lessons from high school chemistry and physics

Dynamic: marked by usually continuous and productive activity or change.

Static: showing little change.

What kind of faith do you desire? What kind of person do you want to be? What kind of life is God leading you into?

A static life is safer. No hope is needed — keep plodding along each day, just as before. Minimal expectations are required — of course expect the big stuff (like heaven or Jesus coming back), but other risky steps of trust or gutsy expectations have no place in a static life. Hardly any sacrifice is needed either; you can follow your dreams, live by your plan, and keep things as under control as is humanly possible.

A dynamic life and faith, on the other hand, is both rich and scary. It’s the drop-your-nets-and-follow kind of life. It’s the life that goes against all of our instincts for comfort, self-preservation, safety, and control. But it’s abundant and full.

It also involves tears, both elated emotions and devastated ones, questions, confusion, and passion. It sometimes involves feeling out of place, misunderstood, or downright weird. The dynamic life calls us to courage and to raw honesty — to abandon our protective instincts and face our faults and failings authentically. It requires the courage to forgive, and not only to forgive others but also ourselves. It’s buoyed in grace and confident in hope. It endures persecution. It rejects apathy and acedia.

My instincts, again and again, draw me to the comfort of the static. Wouldn’t it be nice to have my own little world all mapped out, planned out, controlled, and manipulated just as I see fit?

But Jesus, instead, says, “Come, follow me!”

As we do — as we try, as we stumble, and as the Spirit picks us up and empowers our next steps — we are changing.

Hallelujah, we are changing.


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