A matter of lighting?

There are moments in my life when I realize our bathroom mirror has inadequate lighting. It’s visually warm and cozy. I can apply make-up in a jiffy and feel great.

But then I walk into a bathroom with a different type of lighting–like at the movie theater or an airport. (You know the lighting, don’t you? The brutally honest lighting?) Suddenly I see things I didn’t see at home. Maybe I didn’t blend in my cover-up and there’s a big opaque splotch on my face. Or maybe there are big bags under my eyes or a plethora of pimples and assorted blemishes I somehow missed. Or perhaps there are other horrors too ugh!-ifying to type on this blog.

This different lighting is not the warm and inviting light that I choose to live in, and for good reason. But the brutally-honest lighting has it’s place. It’s critical not just for our appearance, but similarly for our souls. There are times when we benefit from a cold, hard, horrifying look at ourselves. When rather than a mere glance, we stare into that spiritual mirror and really see who we are, blemishes and all.

We may be left discouraged, deflated, disheartened. It hurts to see the truth about ourselves. We may see pride, selfishness, bitterness, or gossip. We may see lust, greed, low self-worth, or anger. This list could go on and on, couldn’t it?

This month we’re focused on “changing.” What does it mean to change, to grow, to transform as a Christian? How does it happen? What’s God’s role and what’s ours? And how is God at work, right now, changing us?

OK, so maybe I won’t actually tackle all of these questions — it would require penning a huge volume of theology! But we’ll at least touch on these important matters and begin the discussion together.

Take heart, take courage, and take a good long look in the mirror under the brutal light of honesty. You may notice there’s Someone still there, standing beside you, loving that real, flawed you . . . no matter what.


One response to “A matter of lighting?

  1. Very vivid imagery to introduce a hard topic…though maybe your bathroom has great lighting, and its the OTHER places that are bad! 🙂

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