As Expected? Or Expectant?

It can become so easy to live a rote, expected life — rather than a vibrant, expectant life. This is particularly true when it comes to Christian faith. We learn to expect God in certain ways: reading Scripture, standard habits of prayer, in Sunday gatherings of community. Normalizing these habits is a good thing — we need the spiritual disciplines and the regular frameworks they bring to us.

But there’s also a danger in living life as expected rather than living life in expectation. This month I am reminded that God surprises us. We can encounter God in surprising ways. God can show up and whisper to us in moments we don’t expect. We can be surprised by others’ stories and experiences — and learn surprising things about ourselves from sources we may not expect. And God can call us to do surprising things, love in surprising ways, and seize surprising moments.

I’ve been convicted recently that I’ve missed some of those surprises…because they didn’t fit into my plan, my framework, my habits, my ways-of-being.

Surprise me, God!

Will you join me this month in looking for God’s surprises? Will you tune your heart from a normalized, patterned, predictable perspective to one that is open, expectant, available, and listening?


2 responses to “As Expected? Or Expectant?

  1. Kelli, this is really good. May i share it with our (CMF) missionary women who need this reminder in their busy lives? I think it would be a great encouragement to them.

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