Resources for Creation Care

Thanks so much for journeying with me this month through the topic of environmental stewardship. As we wrap up our month focusing on creation care, I’ve only just touched the tip of the iceberg. I encourage you, with all my heart, to explore this topic further. Here are some resources I’d recommend:

• Want more ideas on creation care in the context of everyday life? Check out this interview I did with author Tracey Bianchi.

• Interested in reading about how environmental stewardship is actually an old-fashioned and quite conservative value? Read this really great and honest article about old-fashioned stewardship and simplicity.

• Want to study this issue in greater depth? Check out this informative and inspiring Bible study resource by Dr. Cal DeWitt.

• Interested in joining with other committed evangelicals who care deeply about environmental stewardship? Check out the Evangelical Environmental Network and Blessed Earth.

• Caring about creation is a powerful way of caring for the poor. Read this very informative, thoughtful, and provocative pamphlet “Loving the Least of These” from the National Association of Evangelicals.

• Unsure what to think about climate change? Did you know that the world’s leading climate change scientist is a devout Christian? Learn more about Sir John Houghton and his concern for creation care here. (Or check out the interesting book Global Warming and the Risen Lord by Rev. Jim Ball.)

• Want to take practical action steps and hold yourself accountable? Check out this free helpful stewardship worksheet from Christian organization Blessed Earth.


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