Sunsets, Vistas, Bees, and Worms

There’s nothing like a stunning sunset or a nighttime sky flung with brilliant stars to put it all into perspective. To pause, be still at the end of a busy day, and take the time to whisper wow. To see beauty and wonder, power and loveliness, all interwoven together.

You’ve probably  had similar soul-wow moments. A notable one for me was our family’s trip to the Grand Canyon in 2010.  The glory of it wasn’t comforting — it was unsettling. It is so utterly gigantic and so shockingly beautiful that its disconcerting. It made me feel small — like a little bug — in the face of this humongous work of art and the churning river snaking at the very bottom, far below.

When we take the time to pause and notice, our everyday-world is filled with similar opportunities to pause and say “wow.” The flowers popping up in the garden — indeed even the dandelions! The industrious little universe of bees, beetles, ants, and insects of innumerable shapes, colors, and sizes buzzing away around our ears and beneath our feet. The dew on the grass, the scent of blooming trees in the breeze, the warmth of sunlight on our arms.

A myriad of reasons to pause, to wonder, to be still, to cherish.

The heavens declare the glory of God; the skies proclaim the work of his hands (Psalm 19:1).

. . . and so do the worms on my sidewalk after a soaking rain. And so do the bees and the warring beetles and the marching ants. And so do the rivers, the leaves, the trees, the forests. And so do the bunnies, the deer, the ravens, the chickadees.

When we stop — when we make the counterintuitive choice to put “doing” aside for a moment to simply “be,” wonder, observe, take it all in — we’re caught up in the beauty of this created world.

And we’re invited into a small glimpse of the Creator — of his love, his artistry, his grandeur, his tenderness.

This month on my blog we’ll focus on “creation care” — a term I like to use in talking about biblical environmental stewardship. Though this matter is fraught with controversy (politics & pantheism, just to name a few!), I invite you to begin with me on this lovely and peaceful square one: the theme the Bible reiterates over and over, that the stunning majesty and beauty of this created world glorify, reveal, and point us toward the God of majesty and tenderness.



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