Trust’s Nemesis

“Do not worry . . .”

Are these words of comfort . . . or command? Or some strange combination of both? Jesus challenged his followers “Do not worry about your life . . .” as he described God’s profound and generous provision for his people. (Read the full passage here.)

This wasn’t some flippant “Don’t worry about it!” like people often say today — because there’s no real comfort in closing one’s eyes to a scary reality and pretending it isn’t there! No, this is a choice about spiritual focus — about how we occupy our thoughts and where we choose to invest our energies.

Giving up worry isn’t easy — in fact I think it may be impossible! But there’s certainly room for significant progress. How do I respond when a concern or fear comes to mind? Do I turn to God with it or stew on it? Do I ask God to help or do I begin my own feeble scheming? Will I reject the false good-feeling of drama that comes when I stir up anxiety? Will I seek a peace from God that absolutely defies all rational and logical explanation?

Worry is trust’s nemesis, its kryptonite.

Jesus wasn’t messing around when he commanded us to banish it from our lives.


One response to “Trust’s Nemesis

  1. Amen to that! Everyone wants to know how to stop worrying, and we can’t, it’s like an addiction, you can never afford to forget the tendancy and must remain vigilant in not giving in to it.

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