A Weighty (and Comforting) Equation

I think the first Bible verse I ever really “meditated on” was Proverbs 3:5-6. Of course I didn’t call it meditating or even think of it that way. (I was only 11 years old, after all!) But I learned it as a song at the Christian summer camp I attended and it immediately took root in my heart. It’s a simple, lilting tune — the only lyrics are the words of the passage. I can still hum it even now, twenty-some years later.

Trust in the Lord with all your heart / and lean not on your own understanding / In all your ways acknowledge him / And he will make your path straight.

So this is where we begin our discussion of trust. With this passage that is both simple and complex, both comforting and stunningly challenging.

The comfort comes at the end: the promise that God will make our path straight. But consider these words:

• Trust . . . with all your heart. (You mean I can’t hold a bit of my heart aside to occupy with worry, a desire to control, or my doubt that God will really see me through?)

• Don’t rely on your own understanding. (Uhhh . . . you mean I’m not to depend upon my strategies, abilities, plans, questions, concerns, anxieties, efforts, and power? Not even just a little?)

• Acknowledge God in all I say and do. (This doesn’t seem too tough . . . at first. But it’s more than just lip service to God. It means really truly and deep down inside giving God ultimate credit and turning to him with praise.)

• Ahh . . . and then that great ending: And he will make your path straight. (That means he’ll give me exactly what I want, right? That happy ending that I’ve got planned . . . doesn’t it?)

And so this comforting little song is what I turn to in times of trouble, and along with the reminder it brings to rest it God’s peace, it also carries the weighty first half of the equation: full trust, full reliance, full acknowledgement of God. It’s a challenge that leaves me raw at times because trust involves an awful lot of surrender. It’s an abandonment of the false comfort supplied by my “I can do it!” mentality. It tosses the Little Engine that Could out the window and says: Face it. This isn’t up to you.

Is God issuing you a similar scary/comforting invitation to fully trust him? Join me this month as we dive deeper into what it means to trust him.


One response to “A Weighty (and Comforting) Equation

  1. this is very challenging thank you for theprivelege to make a reply greg

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