Lessons on Be-ing

We’ve just wrapped up a month of focusing on gratitude. This month’s focus: be.

We’ll look at God’s good gift of rest this month, explore principles of Sabbath-keeping, and consider how we might fast from busyness, at least for awhile. As a do-er by nature, I need repeated lessons from God on how to simply be.

I got one such lesson this past Monday. After several nights of sleep deprivation caring for two daughters with high fevers, I felt like I’d hit a wall. I was strung out on caffeine, doing my best to get through the day, living the sometimes-frazzled-mom-life, and really looking forward to some sleep.

And then I literally hit a wall.

Exhaustion and my natural klutziness proved to be a dangerous combination as–I’m still not sure exactly how this happened–I stood up from picking up the umpteenth mess on the floor and somehow rammed my head against a half-wall in our house. The results weren’t pretty and a couple hours later I was back home from the emergency room with staples in my head and strict instructions to take it easy for the next day or so.

So my to-do list has been forcibly scrapped. I’ve been doing life on the couch for a day. It’s been a bit boring, but has involved ample quiet and a chance to read a bit more of Les Mis. (Did I mention my husband stayed home to take care of the children? Bless him!)

But it’s been a reminder that time in quiet, time just being, time resting and recuperating is a good, good thing.

Sadly it took an injury for me to get this time — and that’s the reality for many of us. Real life (parenting, work, responsibilities) doesn’t suddenly stop so that we can take “time off.”

But maybe, as we’re creative and intentional, we can seek to find precious moments of peace in our everyday lives  (no staples in the head required!).

Join me this month as we journey together into God’s call for us to just “be.”


3 responses to “Lessons on Be-ing

  1. What a good illustration. Sometimes I think God has to use force to stop people as active as you and me. When I was studying in China and letting some relational issues really occupy my mind and get in the way of ministry, I got dysentery and was knocked out for a week under the care of an American family. I remember hearing them sing hymns and read Scripture in the other room. It was a time of re-focus and I said as long as I got better I didn’t care what happened with that troubled relationship in my life. God had to stop me in my tracks to get that message across and change my direction.

  2. Just stopped over from Her.meneutics. I love what you have to say here! I am also klutzy and a sleep-deprived mom, so I can definitely relate.

    I once read something Dallas Willard wrote about Sabbath. He felt that every person should take at least 30 minutes a week to sit in silence. Without a book. Without a journal. Without even praying. To just sit. Rest. Be. To realize that the world still spins when we are not running on it.

    Often these moments of still and quiet, though, have to be forced, like yours was. I wish it were not so with me, but it is.

    I love the idea of a month focused on “being.” I’m excited to follow it.

  3. I wish my tired sleep deprived mommy times were just me hurting myself. But so frequently, it includes me going off on my kids! I hate that!

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