12 Days (and 42.25 Songs)

Merry Christmas!

Christmas wasn’t just yesterday. In the church calendar, Christmas literally is to be celebrated for 12 days! So even today in your post-Christmas-Day-recovery-mode, your heart can continue to sing at the manger and wonder at the glory of the Incarnation.

One simple celebration idea I want to share is to infuse this week with music. Christmas carols and hymns proclaim some of the most stunning theological truths! One of my favorite web sites, the cyberhymnal, has the lyrics (and music to listen to) for 507 Christmas hymns. Yes, 507!!!

So, if you want to sing them all, that’s 42.25 songs per day for the 12 days of Christmas. (If you missed yesterday, you’ll need to catch up!)

But in all seriousness, I do believe one of the most profound ways I’ve encountered God in my personal times of prayer and worship has been in pondering old hymns that are new to me. Find time this week to visit Cyberhymnal (or your own hymnal on your bookshelf) and prayerfully ponder the lyrics of a Christmas hymn that is new to you.

When all is cleaned up, when our culture has moved on from Christmas after just 24-hours, you can remain at the manger.

Live in the wonder.


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