15-Minute Formation: Your Family, Your Community

If you’re a mom, one of the most important ways to practice the discipline of fellowship may surprise you. We often long to “get away” from our kids for some “real” fellowship with adults. I can certainly empathize with that desire! And we certainly do need adult time!

But if you’re at a stage in which you’ve got kids in the house, whether they’re 2 months old or 18 years old, spending time with them can be a meaningful and significant aspect of “fellowship” in your life. Time building relationships. Time listening. Time sharing and mentoring.

And even those tough times — when your kids stretch your patience, push you to the brink of losing your temper, or frustrate you to the extreme — these experiences are part of the good fellowship can do in your life. Those tough times are opportunities to practice service, to choose humility, to exercise self-control and grace.

This week — Thanksgiving — will likely already involve lots of family time for you. With a simple switch of your mind-set and a spiritual focus, you can transform that “normal” experience into fellowship. It is as simple as recognizing what you’re already doing! So this week, set aside 15-minutes to intentionally connect with your kids on a spiritual level. (If you don’t have kids, use this opportunity to connect with other family members — such as a phone call to a sibling or a parent.)

Need ideas? Here are a few creative experiences to help you share a God-moment with your kiddos (click on them):

I Am the Clay

5,000 Freckles

Never, Ever Alone

If Necessary, Use Words

God’s Laundry

Also, keep in mind that ADVENT begins next Sunday and you can practice fellowship with your family members by doing Advent activities together. We’ll talk more about Advent during next month’s discussion of the discipline of Celebration, but if you want to plan ahead and get a jump start, read this article on Advent experiences I co-wrote with my friend Joy-Elizabeth Lawrence.

(You can find more ideas like the God-Moments above in my book Faith-Filled Moments. This book, along with my others, is on sale this month for subscribers only.)


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