Cutting Back (or The Spiritual Discipline of Dropping the Ball) part 1

No blog posting from me last week. I dropped the ball.

But no apology. I did it on purpose.

I was busy finishing up a manuscript for a new book series (more on that later) and I decided to let the blog slide.

Ironically, decisions like that are a key aspect of practicing simplicity for modern-day women.

The Bible primarily speaks of two types of simplicity: financial/material as well as simplicity of one’s heart-focus. They are intricately related.

Simplicity in our use of time — and the degree of commitments we take on in our lives — is also intricately related to our heart-focus and our soul-health.

Sometimes we need to make our lives SO simple that we can take a few hours or even a day to just be with God (a personal retreat). But as a general practice in our everyday routine, we ought always ask ourselves if we have too much on our plate. And perhaps the even better question is who put all that stuff there?

There may be times when God puts a lot on our plate. But there may be other times when we’ve put a lot on our plate (maybe thinking we were doing God’s will) — yet we end up living unhealthy, divided, stressed out lives!

God does ask us to make sacrifices, but I don’t believe he’d ever ask us to live in a way that damages our relationships, skews our perspective, saps our emotional health, and wears our souls ragged!

As modern-day women, having a lot on our plates is just plain reality. For some this involves parenting. For some this involves work outside the home. For some this involves ministry. For all of us this involves relationships.

But are there things we can cut back on?

In order to serve God well and live healthily, are we aiming to do TOO much rather than doing less but doing it well?

Could a simplified approach to life — to commitments, tasks, goals, responsibilities, hobbies, extras — help me better connect with and focus on God in my daily living?

These are difficult questions, ones that I ask myself often. What are your thoughts on this matter?

(More on this topic in “part 2” coming in a few days…)


One response to “Cutting Back (or The Spiritual Discipline of Dropping the Ball) part 1

  1. It was part of a chapter in “Shepherding a Child’s Heart” by Ted Tripp. His point was that we get so busy we do not leave ourselves time to really parent our children. I had never thought of being over busy that way.
    Chris and I just talked about this too. Being new members at a church, everyone has an idea where we should be serving. Although it is great to serve Christ in various ministries, we decided a few years back we cannot do it at the expense of losing our girls, who need to be our biggest ministry. This was further complicated when Chris began to travel frequently for work.

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