15-Minute Formation: A Dangerous Prayer

How can you practice hospitality this month?

I could, of course, suggest that you make an amazing dinner and invite friends over.

Or I could suggest that you ready the guest room with pillow-top mints, fresh flowers, and hotel-like atmosphere.

But I’d rather suggest something much more simple . . . and dangerous.

My dangerous suggestion: pray.

Dare to invite God to give you an opportunity, today, to show hospitality. In an article in MOMSense, Jane Jarrell wrote: “Hospitality provides a shelter for the soul, a healing for the spirit. Ultimately this is what we offer when we open our home in the true spirit of love or when we offer our time, gifts or talents outside of our home to reach others.”

So your opportunity to show hospitality might mean you’re sharing hospitable words or a listening ear. It might be through a shared latte, an arm around a shoulder, a welcoming smile. It might be through a simple act of minsitry that’s far from your home — or it may in fact mean inviting someone over for a meal.

I recently read an interview with a woman who prayed this way, each day, for 40-days. Everyday she discovered a God-given opportunity to be hospitable. These opportunities stretched her, grew her, and drew her ever closer to God. What an amazing journey!

Ask God to open your eyes to the opportunity, big or small. Pray each day this week . . . your life will be changed!



One response to “15-Minute Formation: A Dangerous Prayer

  1. A heat wave is a great opportunity for hospitality–check on someone and invite them in to your home to share a cool glass of water, Popsicle or slice of watermelon.

    I’m also getting “stretched” this week in the area of hospitality. I’m working very hard to be present and worry less about the superficial and focus more about the relationships. I can only do it with God’s help on this busy, hot, demanding day.

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