Lauren Winner on Hospitality

My friends — this month our focus is on the discipline of hospitality. I have much to say on this topic and I’m so looking forward to conversing with you as we together tease out what it means to be truly hospitable people.

But unfortunately I will not be saying “much” about it today in this first posting of the month. It has been a hectic week for our family, including child illness, a speaking engagement, the death of a neighbor and friend, attending the funeral, and a wonderful and busy visit from out of town guests.

So I appreciate your grace as I begin our conversation with someone else’s words rather than my own. Lauren Winner is the author of Girl Meets God, a wonderful spiritual memoir that I highly recommend. She’s written an excellent article about hospitality that can begin our conversation: you can find her article by clicking here. One idea I like most in her article is that hospitality means inviting people into the messy reality of our lives. For a somewhat sloppy person like me who certainly does not “have it all together,” this is a refreshing message!

More soon…


One response to “Lauren Winner on Hospitality

  1. Very interesting article! I totally relate to the “Can’t have people over our house is too small/messy” mentality–last year I just gave up and didn’t do it. And I missed it, so this year I’m doing it again, trying to not apologize for the lack of space and enjoy the chance to let people be outside as well. But to carry that a step farther and compare that to my heart…Wow, I’m going to be thinking about that a bit. How much do I close that off? And how willing am I to share the dusty, dirty corners there?

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