Who made your mouth?

(Friends, thank you for your patience — I’ve been a bit of a slacker on my blog the past month as I’ve been quite busy finishing up a very large editing project.)

June has now begun and this month we’ll be looking at the discipline of evangelism. Perhaps, more than any of the other disciplines, this is one that I feel ill-equipped to write about. Evangelism sometimes leaves me shaking in my boots. I want to start out this month quite candidly: I struggle in this area.

But I bet you do too.

And so I hope that as we journey together, we can be real and honest about the challenges of practicing evangelism — and the wonderful, amazing adventure of stepping out in faith and relying on God’s power to speak truth boldly in our words and our deeds.

So let’s begin with another person of faith who was also shaking in his boots when God called him to speak: Moses.

Moses was a chicken when God called him to go to Pharaoh. Truth be told, I’d have felt the same way.

Moses had all sorts of excuses about why he was inadequate for the task (me too) and fears he imagined barred his way (me too). He was certain he wouldn’t be listened to (I feel that way too).

But God had this to say to Moses: “Who has made man’s mouth? . . . Is it not I, the LORD?” (Exodus 4:11).

It is the reminder I need to hear, especially when I feel afraid or intimidated or inadequate to accurately share my faith.

God made this mouth (and yours too).

God crafted this larynx and these lips and this diaphragm and this brain (your too). He gave the ability to speak.

He empowers and guides us to speak through his Spirit (Mark 13:11).

He goes before us, and he goes with us.

He says, as he did to Moses, “I AM WHO I AM.”

And that should be enough.

Lord, grow us this month as we explore what it looks like to share your truth with others. And, we invite you, send opportunities our way that may scare us — opportunities to speak the Good News of your hope and life.


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