Pretzels & Prayer

For those of you in non-liturgical church traditions (like me), this may be news: It is Lent!

Lent, the season of 40 days before Easter Sunday, is a period meant for fasting and prayer. One way our family likes to mark Lent is to gather together and make pretzels. I describe this experience in more detail in my book Faith-Filled Moments, but here’s the basic idea.

Pretzels were actually first created by a monk several centuries ago as a Lenten bread. At that time, the main posture for Christian prayer was to have one’s arms were crossed over the chest with one’s hands on the opposite shoulders. Hence the shape of the pretzel. It was meant to remind Christians that the posture of their heart and life during Lent should be one of prayer.

You can check out my family’s favorite soft-pretzel recipe in my book, or try one online. Here’s one I found that looks pretty good!

So if you’ve got kids, get ’em involved in shaping, dipping, and topping the pretzels. Or consider doing this on your own as a Lenten experience, inviting God to help you live with your heart in a posture of prayer.


One response to “Pretzels & Prayer

  1. What a great idea to get into the spirit of Lent, and what a nice reminder about prayer throughout the year.

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