Formation 15: (Godly) Graffiti

Don’t have time for a daily, hour-long Bible study this week? Instead, take 15 minutes (perhaps broken up into a bunch of 2 or 3 minute segments) to focus on your spiritual formation by memorizing God’s Word.

Select a Scripture passage that you’d like to memorize (perhaps one that stood out in a recent sermon or even one you find, right now, by thumbing through the Psalms or Epistles). Use a dry-erase marker to write that verse in your best hand-writing on a mirror or window in your house. (You can easily erase it later.) Add doodles and flourishes to make it artsy if you want.

Then determine to memorize it. Soak up its truth. Draw it in to who you are.

Then, if you want, pop back in here to tell us what you chose to memorize (or at least to TRY to memorize).


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