A little H20

Some little plants are so tenacious—they can hang on and “hibernate” during winter, flourishing with new growth in the spring. They can somehow stay alive even during hot, dry times and can survive neglect.

Other plants seem to die within days for no apparent reason, even with sunshine and water.

I think faith is like that tenacious sort of plant. I believe it can survive dry times and can keep the spark of life during cold, spiritual winters . . . but it certainly won’t flourish during those periods. It may not be dead, but it certainly won’t be vibrant, blooming, and vivacious!

Our faith needs nourishing. It needs to be watered. It needs to soak up the sunlight.

If you’ve been going through a dry period spiritually, take time today to nourish your little faith plant. Pray. Read and reflect on God’s Word. Be alone with God. Sing a song of praise. Whatever it is, just do it. Help that scraggly plant to burst forth into bloom.



One response to “A little H20

  1. I love this. Thanks Kelli!

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