Recommended Resources: Bible as Novel

One of the great privileges of my life was the chance to take a creative writing class with Walt Wangerin in college. Walt is the winner of the National Book Award (for The Book of the Dun Cow) and is a pastor and author of many other books.

If you’re looking for an out-of-the-box way to engage with Scripture, I strongly recommend his books The Book of God, Jesus: A Novel, and Paul: A Novel (all published by Zondervan). Walt uses his amazing storytelling skills to render God’s Word in the form of a novel; out of his fiction toolbox, he crafts these masterpieces that really draw you in to God’s Big Story. (Paul is my favorite of the three.)

Not meant to replace your engagement with Scripture, these books can instead offer you a different perspectives on the biblical texts you’ve read or are currently studying. Paul: A Novel, my favorite of the three, helped me get a sense of how Paul’s travels and his friendships may have factored in to his letters to the churches.



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