Formation 15: Enter Ruth’s story

The Formation 15: Do you feel drawn toward spiritual disciplines and long to spend time in spiritual formation, but your life feels more like a circus than an abbey? I know how you feel! You may not have hours of quiet, but hopefully you can carve out 15 minutes. Here’s a short idea you can use this week to prompt a meaningful soul-connecting time between yourself and God.

Bible study is great.

Let me say that again: I believe studying the Bible is a great thing. It’s wonderful to dissect the text, verse by verse. To explore the context, history, and original language. To learn from commentaries. To join in with great Bible teachers through helpful Bible study tools and discussion guides.

Bible study is great.

But there are seasons in our life in which it’s difficult to find the time to really study.

And, in addition to that reality, sometimes we miss out on Scripture’s message to us by over-studying things. Analysis has it’s place — but sometimes the best thing to do is just step into the narrative and read it as a story. Let the events, the voice, the words and actions of the “characters” (aka real, historical people), the amazing plot twists draw you in. Rather than asking “How can I apply to this to my life?” sometimes we simply should just take it in. Enjoy it. Let the story have it’s natural, life-changing effect on us.

Have I convinced you? Maybe, maybe not.

But my formation 15 suggestion for this week is simple. Take 15 minutes to read through the book of Ruth. It’s just 4 chapters long, so you should be able to do it. Or, if needed, take two days to read this story. Imagine you’re watching it all happen — like you’re reading a novel, seeing a play, or watching it as a film. Let the story of Naomi and Ruth’s journey affect you at a deep, emotional level.

And don’t study a thing. Just live in the story.


One response to “Formation 15: Enter Ruth’s story

  1. I love this idea! Absorbing the Word of God, as written, is a wonderful way to refresh and refocus.

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