You may have noticed the “Vibrant” theme of this site: vibrant faith, vibrant family, vibrant journey.

So often we live a blah-blah life. So often our existence can feel like it is reduced to a to-do list. So often the difficulties we’re facing can color our day – gray, drab, dull.

Yet Christ invites us into an abundant, full life. The Life! This doesn’t mean our lives our perfect. It certainly doesn’t mean we don’t get down or have doubts or grapple with real pain or difficult questions. Life is messy for us broken, grace-dependent humans! But through Christ’s constant presence, we can live vibrantly. We can embrace the journey before us. We can live life as it is meant to be.

Live a colorful, vigorous, vibrant life today!


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  1. Kelli!

    Love this blog. There’s a web site called, which encourages you to pick just one word this year that will bring you back to center if you get off track of pursuing your goals (vs. coming up with a long list of resolutions). I picked “VIBRANT” as my one word for this year. I think it was planted in my subconscious after visiting your site for the first time, but there are many other reasons why it’s a perfect fit (I’ll tell you offline sometime!).


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