Formation 15: Re-purpose Time

The Formation 15: Do you feel drawn toward spiritual disciplines and long to spend time in spiritual formation, but your life feels more like a circus than an abby? I know how you feel! You may not have hours of quiet, but hopefully you can carve out 15 minutes. Here’s a short idea you can use this week to prompt a meaningful soul-connecting time between yourself and God.

Here’s an idea excerpted from my book The Busy Mom’s Guide to Spiritual Survival (click here to learn more about the book). Even if you aren’t a mom (or if your kids are grown and out of the house), this principle can work for you too:

When I worked outside the home, I had even less time for silence or solitude than I do now as a work-from-home mom. Between the demands of co-workers, looming project deadlines, and the desire to pack-in lots of quality family time from the moment I stepped in the door at night, setting aside time to be quiet and by myself was a fantasy forced to the bottom of the priority list.

Then one day as I was driving to work, I had a “duh” moment. My twenty-minute commute was a daily opportunity for some God-time, and I was totally missing it! I was alone—no husband, no baby, no co-workers. So I began a habit of turning off the radio and just driving. Sometimes I talked aloud to God. Sometimes I sang songs. But often I was just quiet. In that capsule of time between the two worlds I was juggling—home and work—I could leave them both aside and just be. Granted, the time was short. Granted, bad traffic could throw a wrench in the plan. Granted, coffee was often required. But on many mornings, I walked into work feeling focused and tuned in to the Holy Spirit’s voice.

Like driving to work, as unspiritual as it sounds, your morning or evening routine of taking a shower is another key opportunity for spiritual growth. This is often one of the only times you’ll find yourself actually alone—and even if you only have five minutes, you can turn those minutes over to God. Instead of checking through a mental to-do list or spacing out, focus on quietness of heart and mind. Remind yourself of God’s presence, of his awesome power, of his amazing love. Put a Bible verse like Psalm 37:7a in a Ziplock bag on a string affixed to the showerhead. Read it to yourself as you begin your time of quietness. As you finish up your shower, ask God to help you maintain quietness of heart throughout the day, no matter what events or frustrations threaten to whip up a heart-storm.

When are the regular moments in your week when you actually are alone? Perhaps when you’re working out? mowing the lawn? doing laundry? weeding the garden? You can establish habits of communing with God through silence and solitude simply by re-purposing those windows of time.

Where can you grab 15 minutes this week to re-purpose? Scrubbing pots and pans can even be a spiritual experience if you’re intentional about it! Capture those 15 minutes then, if you want, pop back in and leave a comment to tell us about it.


One response to “Formation 15: Re-purpose Time

  1. These 15 minute times carved out have helped me “restraighten” myself before I head into another part of my day. One thing I have done is on the days that my husband has something else going at lunch, I stop in at a local eatery (usually Barbaritos (:) on my way home from work to eat a little by myself and read a book, usually one from our church library… the reading is what I look forward to the most, particularly when the books are insightful into how others have handled life situations.

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