Faith-Filled Moment: Dance Party

Worship God with your child — and work up a sweat! — with this fun idea. (You’ll find a whole array of ideas like this in my new book Faith-Filled Moments!)

Dance Party

Worship God together with wild, fun, dancing.

Supplies: an upbeat worship CD, children’s musical instruments (optional)


Clear off a dance floor in the family room, then play a favorite upbeat worship song with the volume turned up loud. Invite your child to join you in singing and dancing together. Say something simple like, “Let’s praise God by dancing!” then start dancing your heart out with a big smile on your face. You might feel a bit goofy, but that’s part of the fun!

If you’ve got any children’s musical instruments, play them together as you dance and sing along with the music.


When Miriam was full of joy after God’s people crossed the Red Sea, she burst forth into song and dance (Exodus 15:20). When David led the ark back to Jerusalem, he was overjoyed and danced in praise with all his might (2 Samuel 6:14-16). So when was the last time you danced like that? (Slow dances at wedding receptions don’t count!)

Depending on your church tradition, dancing before God in worship may feel natural and normal to you, or it may feel really, really weird! But the matter at hand here isn’t how your church worships together on a Sunday morning; it’s simply about your own—and your child’s—personal worship of God in the privacy of your home. Dancing is a wonderful way to express joy, delight, and praise. This type of uninhibited celebration often comes more naturally to children than to us sometimes stuffy adults!

Dancing as you praise God should be fun and light-hearted; if your child is particularly into dancing, this may become a daily worship practice for your family. If so, consider reading Psalm 150 with your child at the start of each dance worship time. This passage highlights dancing and various musical instruments as ways to express true praise.


You may want to ask your child questions like…

  • What do you feel like when you dance? What do you like about dancing?
  • What part of this song do you really like? Why?
  • What do you want to celebrate about God when you dance?

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