A Little Gratitude (or Why All Christians Should Be Green)

Christmas is coming. Imagine a child opening a gift from his parent. It’s a handmade gift, created with love. And it’s really awesome.

Imagine the child opening the present, then trashing it. Stomping on it. Tearing it up. Tossing it into the garbage as if it doesn’t matter at all.
Not a lick of gratitude.

Exaggeration aside, my kids would get in serious trouble for acting that way.

When we’re grateful for something, we take care of it.

So here’s the question: Why do so many Christians have this attitude toward the created world?

God has given us an amazing, beautiful, fabulous gift in this planet, the universe, the stars. Cells, atoms, flowers, birds, rainbows, clouds, frost. It’s stunning. It’s beautiful. We show our love and gratitude to God by treating the gift he’s handmade for us with honor and respect.

I heard a talk show yesterday in which the popular host was completely trashing/mocking anything and everything to do with environmentalism. It really irritated me. He reminded me of the bratty spoiled child in the above analogy.

Look — let’s put politics aside. We can even put debates about the science of global warming aside if you really want.

Let’s just get down to the basics: God made this world. If we love God, we should appreciate the beauty of what he’s made. We should strive to preserve it so our children and children’s children can enjoy it to. We should all care for creation for one simple reason: gratitude.


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