Ever Enough?

Ahhh… “Black Friday.”

It’s the season of shop-aholism in our country and it just makes me shake my head and ask Is it ever enough? People spend, spend, spend, trying to buy happiness… and they won’t find it at the store.

Tsk, tsk. (Imagine my holier-than-thou expression…)

Oh, it’s so easy for me to judge others. I’m certainly not guilty . . . am I?

The truth is that it’s easy and safe to judge others who spend more on themselves than I do — it’s a way we American Christians having of making ourselves feel better about our own budget and spending choices.

But we need to look in the mirror. We need to be willing to ask ourselves the tough questions. Do I really need MORE? Is there a better way to use my money?

My friend Adam Nevins has just launched an amazing initiative called ThereIsEnough (click here to check it out!). It’s all about using our excess for real good in this world rather than on our own piddly wants. God gave us the resources… how can we use them to honor him?

Visit http://www.ThereIsEnough.org then let me know what you think … and pass the link along to your church!


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