Faith-Filled Moment: Deep Roots

My new book Faith-Filled Moments is jam-packed with all sorts of creative ways you can help your kids have a “God-moment” — from crafts to science projects to baking to games and much, much more. Here’s an idea that I didn’t include in the book, but it will give you a taste of what you’ll find in Faith-Filled Moments.

Deep Roots

Make plant cuttings to help your child understand how we nourish and deepen our faith in Jesus.

Supplies: a Pothos plant (also called “Devil’s Ivy”) or a Spider plant, sharp scissors, a small clear vase or cup, water, plastic wrap (optional), rubber band (optional)


Pothos and Spider plants are popular and easy-to-care-for houseplants They are also very easy to propagate through cuttings—no green thumb required! With Pothos plants, all you need to do is look for a stem with one or more nodes (small brown knobs) on it and make a clean cut directly below the nodes. With Spider plants, you’ll know when it’s time to propagate because the plant will send out a “baby”; a longer branch will grow with a miniature spider plant on the end of it. Make a clean cut, separating the “baby” from the large plant.

With your child’s help, place your Pothos or Spider plant cutting directly into a clear glass or vase filled with water so that the nodes (which will become roots) are completely submerged. If needed, create a lid for your glass or vase by stretching plastic wrap taut against the top and securing it with a rubber band. Then make a hole in the plastic wrap for your plant. The plastic wrap will help keep the leaves of the plant above water and the growing roots right where they belong.

Find a sunny windowsill to place your new cutting. Every so often over the next couple of weeks, check the cutting’s progress with your children—new roots will slowly start growing just within a few days! Add water as needed. Once your Pothos root is 4 to 6 inches long or your Spider plant has developed a good root network, plant the cutting in a pot with your children.


Once there are obvious roots growing on the cutting, take some time to examine it with your child and to talk a bit about what plants need to grow: water and sunlight. Discuss how plants use sunlight in their leaves and how they “drink” water and absorb nutrients through their roots. Invite your children to think about how we grow spiritually—how we grow deep roots of faith by praying, learning about God from the Bible, worshipping him, and having Christian friends who encourage us to love Jesus. Share honestly with your child about some of the practices in your life that help you have a deep-rooted faith.


You may want to ask your child questions like…

  • Imagine that we are like plants. Plants grow deep roots to get the nutrients and water they need to grow. What do we need for our relationship with God to grow?
  • Plants grow their roots slowly, a little bit every day. What are things we can do everyday to grow in faith?

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