A Fave Site…Just For Me

Lots of mom-blogs have all sorts of links to all sorts of sites about parenting. I guess there’s nothing wrong with that. In fact, I’m sure over time I’ll add a few. But the goal of this site is mostly for you as an individual — a person who is not defined solely as a mom — and for helping you find fulfillment in your own walk with Christ.

That said, here’s one of my favorite web sites and it’s got absolutely nothing to do with parenting: www.rejesus.co.uk. It’s an innovative site from the UK that’s got all sorts of cool online spiritual experiences; check out the prayer labyrinth and the steps of faith. I also love the images of Jesus — very thought provoking.

Next time you want to do some spiritual contemplation via the computer, go to re:Jesus.


One response to “A Fave Site…Just For Me

  1. Thanks for that. I can find Mom info on the web easily. Thanks for something thought-provoking.

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