Faith-Filled Moment: Rally Up Some Prayer

My new book Faith-Filled Moments is releasing October 1, 2009 from Wesleyan Publishing House! It’s a collection of all sorts of ways parents like you can use games, recipes, outdoor experiences, crafts, science experiments, and more to help your child connect with God and love him more. So…I thought I’d give you a taste of what the content in the book is like. If you like this, you’ll love the 80+ unique moments that you’ll only find in my upcoming book.


Rally Up Some Prayer

Turn a neighborhood bike ride into a family prayer experience.

Supplies: bicycles, bicycle helmets, snacks and drinks



Plan a family bike ride around your neighborhood, but instead of just getting exercise and seeing the sights, make it a prayer-focused bike rally! First, talk with your child about your mission: you’ll ride around the neighborhood and stop at various points to pray for people and pray about issues that affect your neighborhood, then plan your route together. For example…

  • Stop near an elderly person’s house and pray for his health.
  • Stop at a school-bus stop and pray for your child’s friends from school who don’t know Jesus.
  • Stop at your neighborhood playground and spend time praying about ways your child can reach out and meet new friends to show them Jesus’ love.
  • Stop at the entrance to your neighborhood and pray that every person who drives into your neighborhood would be drawn closer to God.
  • Stop in front of a playmate’s house so your child can thank God for his friend.
  • Pray specifically for your family’s safety and protection as you end your rally at your own house.


Once you’ve got your bike rally planned, hit the road together and have fun praying and talking. Surprise your child with a stop along the way to eat a favorite snack and relax before biking some more.



Moving prayer from the realm of abstract thoughts to concrete places and people helps kids really connect with what they’re praying about. As you visit places that represent prayer requests, your child will get a greater sense of the purpose of her prayer. She also might be reminded to pray about those issues in the future as she visits the same spots in your neighborhood. Your neighborhood is your family’s primary mission field. As you ride and pray together, recommit yourself to pray for your neighbors and to share Christ’s love with them.



You may want to ask your child questions like…

  • Who in our neighborhood would you like to pray for?
  • What issues or needs in our neighborhood could we pray about?
  • Why do you think God put us in this neighborhood? How do you think God wants to use us in our neighborhood?

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