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If you once followed this blog, chances are you haven’t looked at it for awhile. Chances are that’s because I haven’t looked at it for awhile either. Why? Because life has been busy. I’ve been writing a new book (more on that soon!), working from home, and living life as a wife and mom. So this posting is meant to serve two purposes…

#1. To declare that sometimes one of the best things you can do as a wife and a mom and a Jesus-follower is to let things go. For me, this web site was one of those things. For you it may be some other hobby or pursuit. But we all should rejoice in the freedom to say, “Ya know what? I don’t have time/space/emotional-energy for that right now. It is not my highest priority.” At times we need to choose little things like a couch-date watching a DVD with our husband or drawing with chalk on the driveway or actually attending to the growing pile of dishes in the sink. We need to choose these things over others and feel fine about it.

#2. To declare that I’m back at it. Over the next weeks and months I’ll be updating this web site with blog postings, info about my upcoming book, and more. So stay tuned!


One response to “Back to the Blog

  1. You have a good point about letting things drop at times, it’s just part of making choices in life and for what’s best for your family. One of the reasons I love Google Reader is so I don’t waste time checking up on blogs, I get notified when there’s a new post and get to read it! 🙂 Don’t feel bad about letting this go for a short time.

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