The Spiritual Value of Doodling

I haven’t read this book yet, so I can’t vouch for it, but I am fascinated with the idea behind Praying in Color — a book that advocates plain old doodling as a form of prayer. I love it. I’ve done it before, but never quite intentionally. The great thing about doodling is how cathartic and freeflowing it is — it’s the same frame of mind in which I usually pray. Of course I try to pray the way many advocate, with purpose and pattern. But usually my prayers skip about from thought to thought or from feeling to feeling…just like a doodle. Here is a site about the book:

I plan to get a copy for myself and report more soon.


2 responses to “The Spiritual Value of Doodling

  1. I never doodled much as a teenager. During lectures, it was more likely to have a graph or flow chart next to my notes than a lyger :-), but that’s why I do what I do and didn’t get an art degree.

    I find myself keeping my eyes open during prayer these days, otherwise my mind will get totally off topic. I wonder if it is that way with kids–I sure can’t remember. As a kid, I thought that we closed our eyes so that we didn’t get distracted and stick our tongue out at the other sibling across the table.

  2. i was watching Anne of Green Gables with my daughters tonight and found myself nodding when Anne describes the perfect prayer as being out in a field and …”just feeling a prayer.” this book reminds me of that same idea. being. moving. breathing. letting our heart connect with God’s.

    looking forward to hearing more from your own experience. 🙂

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